Coaching Application

The following must be read, understood and accepted prior to submitting a Coaching Application.

  1. Specific certification is required for certain positions.
    Unless applicant already holds required certification(s) he/she must be prepared to take required certification course as soon as course is available.
  2. All members of a team’s staff must fill out a separate application including returning coaches and staff.
  3. ALL Head Coaching applications must include a “Team Phylosophy” document for review by Coaching Selection Committee. (Can be attached to application)
  4. Applicant(s) applying as a group must list all staff members in section 4 of the online application under “Additional notes pertaining to Application (or a separate document attached to hard copy application).” Not all staff members are guaranteed a spot.
  5. All applicants must be interviewed by the coaching selection committee.
  6. Filling out and submitting an application and being interviewed does not ensure a position.
  7. ALL coaches must be approved by the current executive and no applicant should assume acceptance for any position until notified of approval by the Executive.
  8. Having held a coaching staff position during the previous/current season will be taken into consideration during selection, but does not guarantee retention of the same position for the next season.
  9. No appeal shall be accepted as a result of not being selected as a coach or any other position.
  10. Coaching a minor hockey team requires a commitment, be sure of your commitment.
  11. Criminal Record Checks are required. Team staff members who have a current Criminal Record Check on file will also be required to sign a ‘Criminal Offence Declaration’ every year until such time a Criminal Record Check is required. Detailed procedure available by clicking here.
  12. If selected, All coaches and managers must attend a mandatory meeting prior to beginning of season. Date to be advertised.
  13. Team staff is limited to 5 members.
  14. Two member of staff must be present in change rooms at ALL times. This rule applies to ALL divisions.

I understand that all Nickel Centre Minor Hockey teams are required to participate in the Nickel Centre Tournament. I also understand that other duties of the Coaches, Managers and Trainers include the promotion of and their team’s full participation in all N.C.M.H.A.’s fundraising activities, respect and acceptance of all rules, regulations, decisions and instructions from the N.O.H.A., Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association and other league(s) we participate in. I understand that failure to comply with any of the above may result in disciplinary action.

Be sure of your commitment!

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