Please note that answers to the questions posted here are very general and may, from time to time, change without notice and may not be reflected here. Any confusion that may arise from these answers will be dealt with by the Executive. The Executive reserves final decision on answers and its interpretation.


1. Who is the Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association?

The Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association (NCMHA) is an organization whose aim is to provide a wholesome hockey experience for house league players. The Association’s House league program’s main interests will always be in the individual child and NOT his or her hockey ability. Sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment, and full participation for all team members will be the principal intent.

2. Who runs the Association?

The Association’s activities are run by an Executive Committee which is elected at the N.C.M.H.A.’s annual general meeting each spring. The Executive’s duties are governed by the Association’s Constitution and its Bylaws.

3. Can I get a copy of the NCMHA Constitution and its By-laws?

Yes. A copy of the N.C.M.H.A.’s Constitution including its by-laws is available for viewing or downloading in pdf format from our download page via the More. . . menu.

4. What programs are offered by the NCMHA?

Beginning with the 2011/12 season the Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association only offers a houseleague program. We have a house league program with divisions from Initiation to Midget playing in the Northeastern Hockey League.

5. How long is the hockey season?

The Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association’s season generally runs from October to the end of February with playoffs for some teams often running into March.

6. How much does it cost to play hockey in Nickel Centre?

Registration fees are established each year by the current Executive Committee prior to registration time. Registration is usually held in late August and early September.

The current rates for the current season are posted on our registration page when available.

7. What age group does my child belong in?

Age groups are posted on the Registration page.

8. What do the registration fees include?

Registration fees include registration, insurance, all ice times for one game (dependent on division) and one practice per week, any training or certification required for coaching staff, registration fees in respective playing league. Timekeepers are paid by the team.

All other expenses such as player equipment, player sponsorship, tournaments, travel permits, tournament gate fees, travel, accommodations and other expenses are not included in the registration fee.

9. Is any player equipment supplied?

It is the parent’s responsibility to supply all equipment. However the Association does have a limited amount of goalie equipment which can be used by players in the younger age groups.

10. How and when do I register?

Registration is generally held during the last week of August and first week of September at the Garson Arena. Specific dates will be posted on this site once they are set for the 2012/2013 season.
It is the Association’s policy that no child may participate in Association activities, including practices and/or tryouts unless he/she is properly registered. Commencing with the 2007/2008 a late fee has been enforced for late registrations. The deadline being the last date advertised for registrations. Check the registration page for specific dates, time and locations for registrations.

13. Does the NCMHA have select teams or use a tiered player system?

The Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association reserves the right to tier teams when appropriate.

14. My child is not a great skater can he/she still play in a younger age group that would be better suited to his/her abilities?

Hockey Canada rules state that the division a player plays in is determined by the age of the player on December 31st of the current year. All players must be registered into a division by their age. Any request to play in a lower division than that applicable to the player’s age group must be made in writing to the Registrar. Final approval will be made by the Executive Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting. It must then be approved by the NOHA. If approved a player must still register on an age appropriate card.

15. My child is a strong player; can he play in an older group that would be better suited to his abilities?

Contact Association Registrar.

16. Where can I find information on other hockey associations in the Sudbury area?

This site has a links page with links to other associations in the surrounding area as well as other hockey related links. You will find our Links page under More . . .  menu.

17. We live in Nickel Centre but my child goes to school in Sudbury. Can my child play with his school friends on a Sudbury team?

In order to play outside of a child’s area of residence, a release must be obtained from the Association where the child resides.  For information on NCMHA’s player release see question 20.

18. Can my child play for Nickel Centre and his high school hockey team?

This may vary year to year. Generally N.O.H.A. has no rule preventing any player from playing high school hockey and with the NCMHA. However,  the High School League or simply the team coaches (for commitment reasons) may not allow high school players who also play in other leagues. Specific rules may apply with players serving game suspension(s) when playing in both leagues. This can change at any time. A player wishing to participate in both leagues should contact Association and High School.

19. Who can play hockey for Nickel Centre?

Any resident of Skead, Falconbridge and Garson can play in our House League. Players outside these areas must first obtain a release from their respective Associations.

Where a player previously played may also impact a player’s ability to play in Nickel Centre.

20. What is N.C.M.H.A.’s policy on player releases?

20. What is N.C.M.H.A.’s policy on player releases? (rev. 2008)

The Nickel Centre Minor Hockey Association does not issue releases indiscriminately and are dealt with on a case by case basis.
The final decision rests with the Executive and a prompt decision will be made.
Any disrespectful actions while seeking a release will only delay the final decision.
A player should keep a copy of any release obtained.

21. My Nickel Centre child wishes to tryout for AAA or AA (Nickel City) hockey. Do I need a release just to tryout?

Yes, your child would require a release. Because Nickel Centre does not have a AAA nor a AA program, releases for tryouts are issued without problems and are specific to a team. Should the child not make the AAA or AA team he was released to and, he wishes to tryout for another AAA or AA team elsewhere he must first return to Nickel Centre for a new release.

22. We just moved to Nickel Centre (or within Nickel Centre) and my child wishes to play hockey. What paper work do I need?

If your child has never played hockey before and is currently a permanent resident of our area he will only need a valid Birth Certificate.

If your child was once registered with any another Hockey Association and is now a permanent resident (prior to season start) of our area he will require a “Residential Move Form” from his previous Association. This form is also required for moves within the respective Association. Any change to a previously recorded address (no matter how small), by Hockey Canada for any player, requires this form. This is generally automatic if the move is authentic. Please note that specific paperwork must accompany the form.

This form must be generated from the last Association your child was registered in and also requires the current Associations signature. This form is available from the N.O.H.A. web site (you will find a link to the form on our site) and may also be required in conjunction with any releases that may be required from the players past resident Association. Please note this a Hockey Canada rule applied accros Canada. For further info do not hesitate to contact us. We will be please to explain this rule that we are mandated to follow. Please note that there are many scenarios to this rule, one of which is “a parent has plans to become a permanent resident during the season but isn’t at the beginning of the season”. Please contact registrar with your specific situation.


If your question is not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact the Association directly with your specific question. Click to email Association directly. Please note that Q & A’s are being updated on the new site as time permits.