Hello Parents,

Some of you are surely thinking that we are taking the city’s arena guidelines too far with respect to our recent enforcement message.  It has just come to our attention that Valley East Minor Hockey Association has not taken it quite as seriously.  Arena staff had to kick out a substantial number of participants during a game last night at Centennial arena.  That will almost certainly be reported to the Manager of Arenas.

Although we don’t know what the repercussions will be, it’s our hope that the City will look at these matters by association and that if we’re seen to be proactive in protecting all participants and respecting their guidelines that we may not suffer the fate of associations that don’t.

Please believe us when we say that we take no joy in enforcing these guidelines and that we are doing it only because we want our kids and yours, to get to continue playing hockey.  Thank you all for your understanding.


NCMHA Board of Directors

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