Date: December 16, 2020 

To: NOHA Membership 

From: Sue Shepherdson 

Re: Participation in Multiple Leagues

The NOHA has recently received inquiries about participating in multiple leagues/cohorts.

Ontario Regulation 364/20 provides the rules that are to be followed in the COVID-19 pandemic  (O. Reg. 364/20: RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 3 (

Specifically, see below the Regulations which prevent participation in team sport outside of a  league of 50 participants:

– Organized team sports that are practised or played by players in a league may only be  practised or played within the facility if the league either,

  •  contains no more than 50 players and does not permit its teams to play against  teams outside of the league, or
  •  divides its teams into groups of 50 or fewer players and does not permit teams in  different groups to play against one another or against teams outside of the  league.

The philosophy of the 50-person League is to reduce the risk of contagion amongst larger  groups. Participation and involvement in more than one cohort increases the risk of contagion  exponentially.

While it is our goal to get back to traditional hockey with traditional League structures, we must  focus on the health and safety of participants. We are an organization whose goal is to provide  opportunity for athletes to participate and enjoy the game of hockey.

Involvement in more than one cohort has the capacity to eliminate that opportunity for all  participants and all teams. A seemingly small decision could have amplified effects on large  numbers of people within the sport and outside of sport.

We thank all involved –Associations, Coaches, Trainers, On-Ice Officials, Players, and their  Families – for their support in providing a safe environment for all to enjoy the game during  these difficult times.


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