The NCMHA’s primary objective is to provide an opportunity to the children in the association to play hockey.  It has come to our attention that some families have either misinterpreted or disregarded the “Greater Sudbury Arena User Group Covid-19 Guidelines – V 2.4”

The guideline clearly states “Spectators are permitted to enter the arena but will be limited to one spectator per family.”  Some parents have interpreted a section of that document to mean that if one parent is on the coaching staff that another parent may attend.  As per a discussion with Jody Cameron, Manager of Arenas, that is not the case.  The only exception that would allow multiple parents/spectators to attend is if both parents are association approved members of the team staff.  As per the guideline “In addition, if you coach your children’s team, the coach is considered the spectator.”

The City has provided several communications on this.  Our fear is that the next communication will be the one that tells us that the season is over due to our failure to follow the guideline.  Should that occur, the season will be over for everybody as a result of the actions of a few.  If that happens and the association has taken no serious action to prevent this, the season will have been lost due to our failure to act.  We feel that we have no choice but to act in the best interest of all the children and families in the association.  As a result we have decided to implement repercussions for families that make the conscious decision to jeopardize the season for all others by failing to adhere to the City’s guideline.

Going forward the following will occur should a player have more than one spectator in attendance:

  • 1st Offence: 3 game suspension of the child

  • 2nd Offence: Suspension of the child for the entire 2020-21 hockey season

PLEASE DO NOT FORCE US TO ACT ON THIS.  The last thing we want is to take away a child’s opportunity to play hockey during a time that is difficult enough for them.


Important Notes:

  • Exception for young children – As per previous documentation from the city, parents of young children may bring them to the arena if they must.

  • Separated or Divorced Parents – We understand that communication can be difficult for some. The Board cannot make an exception for this as the guideline does not allow it.  Please act in the best interest of your child and find a way to adhere to the guidelines.  If communication has failed and you find yourself both at the arena, please make the choice that is in the best interest of your child by ensuring that one of you leaves.

  • Communication related to enforcement – To the extent possible, communication related to enforcement will not occur at the arena in order to avoid emotionally charged confrontations.

  • Reporting – Anyone observing violations of the guideline are welcomed to e-mail Kevin Buckland at and Steve Anstey at .  Ideally the infraction would be reported/supported by more than one party.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to communicate with me at


Kevin Buckland

Vice President

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