January 8, 2021

Good Day Blast Family

The Province has extended the lockdown, hence halting hockey programming until January 23, 2021.

Your NCMHA Board is working on all possible scenarios and will communicate further as we work through this very challenging time. Hockey programming had normally been cancelled through the March break, but in light of the lockdowns affecting hockey and the likelihood that travel will not be permitted, we have decided to continue programming this year through the break should hockey return without any further delays. Please stay tuned and be patient as we determine the path going forward.

Separate correspondence will be coming from the Treasurer after the Provincial lockdown has been lifted regarding registration fee adjustments due to the cancelation of ice times due to the lockdowns.

If you have questions you feel need answering sooner, do not hesitate to contact your Team Manager or Convener and we will do our best to get the answers.


Steve Anstey

NCMHA President


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