February 11, 2021

Good Morning Blast Family

The Ontario Government has begun to plan the reopening of the province in the days and weeks to come.  February 16th is the next date we expect to see an update for our region as it pertains to their reopening plans.  As most of you have undoubtedly heard they are returning to the colour coding system, and this will determine how and if we return to hockey. Thanks to your responses to the survey sent out in late January, the board received a clear message as to your wishes as it pertains to hockey and its return.  The results, 90% want hockey to be extended to April 30th, while 70% would be in favour of extending to May 31st, thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey.

When a return comes it will be imperative that we follow the protocols set out when the season began and adhere to any new rules implemented by the province, the health unit or the city to ensure everyones’ safety.

I hope to see you all at the arena very soon, we will keep you informed of programming as information is forwarded to us from the City.

Thank you,

Steve Anstey



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