Good Morning Blast Family

I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying Family Day.  As promised here is an update on what is happening regarding a return to hockey.

The city has delayed the opening of all arenas as a decision has been made to use 4 arenas as vaccination hubs.  Our arena is not one chosen as a hub, but as a result of the closures the city has had to rethink the allocation of ice.  As a result even though the reopening plans include a return to hockey, it will be slightly delayed and will not start today as initially thought, February 16th. No promised date has been forwarded, they have indicated not a lengthy delay, but I will not speculate on an exact date so as not to disappoint or mislead.

As promised, we will do our best to update the membership in a timely matter as the process results in new information

Steve Anstey


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