Good morning all,
With the growing number of cases in the Greater Sudbury area it is critical that we all do our part and be diligent with following the guidelines.  It is critical that masks be worn at ALL times (yes, even dressing rooms!), except when on the ice engaged in intense physical activity, if you’re on the ice but not engaged in intense physical skating then a mask is to be worn.
In addition, with game play beginning, we are seeing parents and grandparents arriving to arenas and not following the spectator limits.   It is vital that gathering limits are adhered to, indoor team sports is a higher risk activity and every hour between bookings we are over the gathering limits. When you have a team of skaters, their parents, coaching staff coming off the ice and another group waiting to go on the ice many times we are over capacity for a 10 to 15 minute period of time.  The spectator limits in the guidelines is aimed at ensuring we meet the gathering limits at all times if possible, Especially between bookings. Please remind your parents/members of the spectator guidelines.
Lastly, many of you might have heard of the outbreaks in Ottawa where one case at an Ottawa practice led to six outbreaks.  The potential for COVID-19 to spread within an indoor sports setting is concerning.
See story below of how one case spread to 60 cases.
Thanks and stay safe everyone!


All the best,

Jody Cameron, MBA
Manager of Arenas
Arena Section / Leisure Services
P: (705) 674-4455, ext. 3434
F: (705) 670-0601

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